You're Next Up Zine chronicles NU Saskatchewan cohort 2014-2015

NU Saskatchewan alum Fred Reiben and his fellow Next Up'rs created a zine to commemorate their time together:

When asked to reflect on how we would like to summarize our year, our Next Up cohort had a number of ideas.  Some ideas focused on certain aspects of the year, but we weren't feeling like there was something that really captured the essence of our experience in its entirety.  Then someone spoke about the importance of the stories we brought, heard, and created together throughout the year.  That was something that immediately connected with the group. This is how we decided on Stories and Storytelling as a theme to unify our shared experiences.

We decided on a zine as the medium to tell these stories.  We collected our favourite memories, inspiring art, and greatest learnings and presented it at our graduation.  

As we go forward beyond the program, we hope this zine can jog our memories and fill our hearts.  We would like to share it with you and hope that it will inspire you to make change in your own communities. Enjoy!  

You can read the zine here: