Whitney Brown

Originally from Toronto, Whitney spent most of her childhood in Hong Kong playing rugby and discovering the best bubble tea shop in town. She studied International Development at Brown University where she began her social justice work in earnest. During her undergraduate studies, Whitney spent a semester abroad in western China working for a cultural conservation NGO, conducted research in both China and within the United States on disability advocacy and rights, and collaborated with other student-athletes to develop university-level forums on sport and social change. After graduating in 2009, Whitney worked for several years at a law firm in Boston in Public Finance before pursuing a graduate degree in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Although her Master’s thesis, which focused on bargaining models and nuclear North Korea, is certainly a conversation starter, her interest in human rights and legal reform has motivated her to pursue a career in social justice law. Now settled in Vancouver, Whitney works in youth education and volunteers at the BC Civil Liberties Association and Pivot Legal Societyas she applies to law school this fall.

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