NU SK has sweet new friends - thanks Emmanuel Church!

Next Up Saskatchewan has Sweet New Friends at Emmanuel Church

by Rissy Hantke

Saskatoon's 2015-16 Next Up cohort are the grateful recipients of a generous donation from Emmanuel Anglican Church who will provide snacks for the program throughout this year! At the October 31st orientation, the cohort was surprised by Shelly Hawes, a volunteer from the church who showed up in her Halloween costume to deliver an interesting snack disguised as a litter box complete with toffee turds and a litter scoop to serve the treat.

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Saskatchewan welcomes new funders to the NU circle of supporters

Next Up Saskatchewan is happy to have new funding commitments this year including from Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union, which has previously given but recently committed to a larger annualized contribution. 

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NU Alum wins 2015 Multicultural Youth Leadership Award

On November 14, 2015, Janelle Pewapsconias won the 2015 Multicultural Youth Leadership award at the Multicultural Honours event held by Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan in Regina. Janelle is an alumnus of the 2014 Next Up: First Nation and Métis Youth in Action program and facilitator of the program in 2015. 


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Thanks for Applying to the Winnipeg 2015-16 program

Thank you everyone who applied for and referred people to apply for the full-length leadership in Winnipeg for the 2015-16 year. the program is now underway. 

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Next Up 2015-2016 is underway!

Thank you everyone who applied for and referred people to apply for the full-length leadership programs this year. In Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Ottawa we've concluded our interviews, selected the participants, and are starting up the programs over the next two weeks.  In Winnipeg, we're reviewing applications and getting ready to interview folks at the end of October so that we can get started in early November.

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First Nations and Metis Youth in Action

Sask First Nations and Metis Youth in Action (2015)

The second annual Next Up: First Nations and Métis Youth in Action intensive took place August 26-30 in Saskatoon. Ten participants took part including young leaders from across Saskatchewan as well as one from BC and one from Alberta. The participants learned about decolonization, storytelling, communications and media, anti-racism and queer resurgence, changing and Indigenizing institutions, environment and climate justice, and much more! The five-day program was exhilirating, inspiring and a little bit exhausting! Here are some of the participants' words about it:

"This program made me feel inspired - it pushed me out of my comfort zone and touched me on a very personal level. I honestly feel like I've grown and changed in such a short period of time. I will continue to be an advocate and leader in all things I do!" - Lisa Munroe

"I have learned that I have the power to be heard and have an obligation to make change for future generations. I've gained confidence and can honestly say this has been life-changing for me. I've experienced a whirlwind of emotions these past five days. I feel safe here, inspired and proud to be among such amazing, beautiful people." - Danielle Tootoosis
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Next Up 2015/16 Program

Applications for the 2015/16 year for the Next Up program in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Ottawa are now closed.

Applications are being accepted for Next Up Winnipeg until 11 pm October 13, 2015.

You can learn more about applying and download your application form here.

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(Re) Introducing Sam Ponting

We are so pleased to welcome Sam Ponting to her new position as the coordinator for Next Up BC. Previous to this, Sam worked as the founding coordinator for Next Up Ottawa.

Sam's major introduction to social movements began on campus, where her disdain for militarism led her to join the Student Coalition Against War. As an anti-war and anti-apartheid organizer, Sam worked extensively with a variety of community partners to build up public pressure against harmful Canadian foreign policy. She spent several years working in the student movement, most recently as the Membership Coordinator of the Graduate Students' Association at Carleton University, where she organized campaigns.  

Passionate about Indie media, Sam sits on the editorial board of, a site committed to providing Canadian labour news and analysis from a critical perspective.

Sam likes hiking, camping, and biking, and is stoked to finally set up shop on the West Coast, where Vancouver makes form some nice mountain gazing and galavanting. In her down time, she seeks out different musical outlets, including drums, guitar, and ukelele.

She’s looking forward to exploring Vancouver and getting to meet, and collaborate with the many networks of progressives and Next Up alumni throughout BC.

Contact Sam Ponting

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Thanks for applying to the 2015 First Nations and Metis Youth in Action program

Thanks to all of you awesome people who applied to the First Nations & Métis Youth in Action summer program.  We're taking time now to review applications and will be in touch soon with shortlisted applicants.

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You're Next Up Zine chronicles NU Saskatchewan cohort 2014-2015

NU Saskatchewan alum Fred Reiben and his fellow Next Up'rs created a zine to commemorate their time together:

When asked to reflect on how we would like to summarize our year, our Next Up cohort had a number of ideas.  Some ideas focused on certain aspects of the year, but we weren't feeling like there was something that really captured the essence of our experience in its entirety.  Then someone spoke about the importance of the stories we brought, heard, and created together throughout the year.  That was something that immediately connected with the group. This is how we decided on Stories and Storytelling as a theme to unify our shared experiences.

We decided on a zine as the medium to tell these stories.  We collected our favourite memories, inspiring art, and greatest learnings and presented it at our graduation.  

As we go forward beyond the program, we hope this zine can jog our memories and fill our hearts.  We would like to share it with you and hope that it will inspire you to make change in your own communities. Enjoy!  

You can read the zine here:

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