Weathering the winter with Next Up Calgary

NUpdate from Calgary

We’re approaching the final weeks of another program year for Next Up Calgary. While the winter has been more wintery than some, we’re gratefully enjoying our new location in the offices of the Alberta EcoTrust Foundation. One definite winter pleasure was a recent social weekend in Kananaskis. We spent a lot of time talking social justice, playing many games and enjoying the U of C’s beautiful research station. We also got in some blizzard-y hikes and created some wet footwear and stronger friendships.Kananaskis

We’ve enjoyed a lot of ongoing support from our advisory network of grads and supporters this year. In particular, thanks are extended to the peer mentoring participants (who are meeting with 11 of our 13 participants). Special thanks to Meghan and Amy for coordinating this entire program. Members of this year’s advisory are also acting as independent support contacts to the cohort. These folks are available for confidential feedback and to support the coordinator in their accountability to the cohort, presenters, and advisory.

decolonizing the treaties

We’ve got a diverse and stimulating group of remaining sessions plus a couple of cool field trips remaining before the program check-out at the end of April. The field trips include a feminist Jane’s Walk to learn about sex work in Calgary, participating in the Climate Change Conversation with Katherine Hayhoe and George Marshall, the Alberta EcoTrust Environmental Gathering, and participating in the Social Media and Civic Culture symposium at the U of C. Yep, we’re as busy as always!

We’re looking for grads and others to volunteer with us in May to do a day of fundraising. We’ll provide the training, support, food, and fun company. You’ll bring your phone, and, with our help, we’ll raise some donations to keep our programming well supported for another year. Please email [email protected] if you can help out. The tentative date will be May 12.