Vicki Haynes

Vicki Haynes is a burlesque performer and producer, social justice activist and bisexual Gitxsan women with over 2 decades of work in the education and non-profit sectors. Vicki is currently the Education Events Coordinator at Vantage Point where she supports a range of non-profit organizations serving a wide array of social movements. Vicki is passionate about the empowerment of female sexuality. Vicki has served on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Burlesque Festival and is currently on the Board of Women Transforming Cities. Vicki works to empower and champion a female sexuality that is free from entitlement and that actively undermines rape culture. With the goal to destigmatize sex work, Vicki has worked to provide burlesque as an employment opportunity for the local industry and emerging performers. Vicki’s passion for social justice started early. At the age of 6, upon learning that her father was responsible for the destruction of forest ecosystems (through his role at the Ministry of Forestry), Vicki embarked on a particularly forceful protest that resulted in her father changing jobs and her family moving towns.