Urooba Jamal

Urooba Jamal is a Pakistani immigrant to the gorgeous, unceded Musqueam lands known as Vancouver. She’s got a penchant for the political, polemic and poetic. A self-proclaimed life-long dissident, she loves engaging in eccentric sartorial endeavours, making leftist jokes that only a fraction of people in the room can understand and...eating! In the past year, she has ran for political office as the youngest candidate in Vancouver's municipal elections, given a TEDx talk on student activism and helped co-found a leftist, alternative student press, The Talon, at the University of British Columbia. A recent graduate, she is currently interning at Leftword Books, a Marxist publishing press in India, doing freelance communications and journalism work and slowly subverting corporate culture at her office day job. Her post-grad plans also include: painting whimsically, wearing whimsical outfits, having whimsical love affairs and taking part in the communist revolution (basically, becoming Frida Kahlo). She tweets a lot (@uroobajamal) and blogs a little (underuroobasumbrella.tumblr.com).