Urmee Dasgupta

Currently working in the field of research, Urmee has her M.A. in Economics from University of Manitoba. Growing up in Bangladesh, she has witnessed severe poverty, social injustice, and economic inequality. Later in her life she realized such discrimination and inequality are almost as severe in the developed part of the world as in where she comes from. She felt motivated to learn more about the ways she can be involved and take the lead to create positive and meaningful changes in society. 

Through her academic and work experience, Urmee developed her analytical and research capabilities to contribute towards solutions regarding climate change, poverty, and social inequality. Her education and professional experience include formal employment and volunteering in organizations such as The Canadian CED Network, Urban and Inner City Studies: University of Winnipeg, Centre for Policy Dialogue, and Ocean Conservancy. She has conducted studies on different aspects of poverty, environment and public policy. Through Next Up, she hopes to gain further understanding of different social justice issues and transform her knowledge into meaningful action. She is eager to connect and work with people involved in initiating innovative social change. In her free time, Urmee enjoys reading, dancing, travelling, and hanging out with friends. Her mantra is: Gotta do more, gotta be More.