Tyra Cox

Tyra Cox is from Win-nipi (Winnipeg) Manito-wapâw (Manitoba), and joined Next Up in 2016. Tyra is Sahtu Dene’ Annishinabe, and Mahkwa Dodem ( Bear Clan.) Tyra has joined the Canadian Feed the Children Canada team as a Program Officer, Canada Programs. CFTC works on community-led food security programs and education as catalysts of change and capacity-building that ensure sustainability by working through local Indigenous community partners to help people achieve long-term change for children, families and communities. She is in love with helping the community as a coach with Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership, through Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, as well as KAIROSYouth Exchange, and Red Rising Collective. Tyra has a vast background in Indigenous topics of government, project management, consultation, and grassroots work within communities. Tyra is looking to leave a legacy that will positively impact the Next 7 Generations, and become a part of the generation that leveled up… which is why she advocates that Next Up is a natural fit for Indigenous youth now!