Ty Steinhauer

Ty Steinhauernehiyaw from Saddle Lake, Treaty No 6 territory, acknowledges the ancestral teachings handed down from generations past. Where there is an understanding that we have succeeded against great odds and incredible challenges to be present here in 2016. This foundation leads us to become our highest and best selves to prepare for the next generations yet unborn.  Ty’s spark is connected to this generous spirit of being; becoming a true warrior. Re-establishing once more, using the strength from kindness and compassion, a place for everyone to unfold their truths in a plan larger than ourselves. When we acknowledge spirit and human, we live life the way Creator intended for us to live. There are every day pleasures that Ty participates in for joy and sharing; things like dancing, drumming, guitar, volleyball, and language learning.  Upon graduating from high school, Ty chose to mentor with nehiyaw and Anishnaabe knowledge keepers.