In early 2010 Travis completed his Bachelors of Applied Policy Studies from Mount Royal University; this degree focuses on the disciplines of Economic Theory, Political Science, and the study of Public Policy theory.  Through the course of his undergraduate education Travis constantly sought ways to utilize the skills learned in the classroom by seeking opportunities both through volunteerism and paid employment.  Over the past four years Travis has had the opportunity to perform research on senior’s healthcare for the Parkland Institute, be employed by the Economics Society of Calgary as an event planner, sit as the New Professionals Representative for IPAC (Institute of Public Administration of Canada) Calgary, serve as chairperson and treasurer of his condominium board, and run and successfully win and serve as President of the Students’ Association at his University. Each of these experiences have given Travis insight and focus in the area of Governance and the Fiduciary and social responsibility of elected leadership; his passion is within these areas as he seeks to demystify these arenas so that more citizens and emerging leaders may participate more freely and confidently within the political sphere.