Todd Houseman

Todd Houseman is a local artist and activist of many talents.  He performs and teaches improv with Rapid Fire Theatre, and co-hosts the segment “Folklords” which improvises Chekhovian tales, Cree creation stories, and a third genre chosen by the audience. Todd engages in activism through his art, which is informed in part through his identity as a Cree Mixed-Blood individual, and his desire to explore the intersections and nuances of social justice.  His work aims to resist and challenge dominant social structures, and create constructive dialogue around Indigenous rights and sovereignty.  Beyond his craft as a performing artist, Todd is also engaged in visual art, music, and writing.  In addition to being a blacksmith with skills in knife-making and forging, he engages in anti-oppressive art through his role as member of the feminist punk-rock band Skunk Coat, and through storytelling. One of his notable works is the graphic story “Ayannisach”, which is featured in “Moonshot: The Indigenous Comic Collection”.