Tim Penton

Originally from Saskatchewan, Tim was raised in southern and northern Alberta.  He has called Edmonton home since 2007, after teaching English abroad in China. He is a passionate individual who is constantly eager to learn as much as possible about social justice issues and always brings enthusiasm into his work.

While living in Calgary, Tim was an active union member with the Telecommunication Workers’ Union promoting the importance of workers rights. He has been active in political campaigns, willing to knock on doors and dedicate his time and energy to volunteer organizations working for much needed change.

He is always excited to talk about the ways that we can come together, assert our rights and stand united. His positive hope for the future is intoxicating and palpable. He is convinced that each person has the ability and skills within themselves to change the world.

He works at United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1118 helping workers to prevent abuse and exploitation and to improve their rights and quality of life in their workplace.

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