Tim spent his formative years playing basketball. When his height maxed out at 5’6, his basketball career abruptly ended, he finally read a book, and began to think about social issues.

Tim he convinced his parents to allow him to attend a school in Sweden. It was here that he first witnessed a fully functioning Social Welfare state: not a crazy left wing idea, but an effective, fair, and a just society where leisure, arts, and enjoying life were valued.

Tim reluctantly returned to Calgary, but spent summers coaching basketball camps in Alaska, Montana, and Idaho – using basketball as a tool to teach diverse youth to recognize their potential for success, express their creativity, and work together for a common goal.

During the last year of his Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary, Tim realized he hated Kinesiology but was too close to convocating to justify quitting. It was at this time he also fell in love. Two years later he got married and left for Taiwan. Three years after that, Tim and his wife returned reluctantly to Calgary once again, with a really cute dog and a passion for social change.
He currently works at the Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary. He has the biggest office in the building, though it is also the file room. He coaches a high school basketball team with ‘lots of potential.’