Tharsini Sivananthajothy

A first generation immigrant, Tharsini grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. Born to Thamil parents who fled Sri Lanka due to systematic discrimination, oppression and marginalization; Tharsini, as a result, inherited the values of social justice and equity early on. She was introduced to critical theory during her undergraduate studies and her interests further peaked as she began to grasp an understanding of the political economy of international health. Drawn to the field of public health, Tharsini is currently completing her MSc in Public Health, with a specialization in Global Health, at the University of Alberta. She is a strong advocate for public health, prevention and views health as a fundamental human right.  She currently sits on the Health and Wellness Working Group for the Mayor’s Task Force on the Elimination of Poverty and has co-founded an advocacy initiative focused on promoting the mental wellbeing of graduate students at the University of Alberta's School of Public Health. Tharsini is also a food enthusiast: you will either see her cooking or eating during most of her spare time.