Born in Gatineau, Quebec, Thana spent his early years living in Ottawa where he was raised speaking French, English and Thai. He attended the University of Guelph, where he was actively involved in student politics and graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering Degree. 

Thana currently works in Calgary in the environmental engineering sector with a company that specializes in air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Thana has ran as the Green Party of Canada candidate in Calgary Centre for the 2015 and 2019 Federal Elections. In May 2019 Thana was the Calgary Mountainview . Provincially, ha has run for The Alberta Greens in the  2016 Calgary-Greenway Provincial by-election, and in the 2019 general election in Calgary Mountainview. Furthermore, Thana was the establishing Director of Sustainability for the Marda Loop Community Association, an Ambassador for the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association, and is a member of the Federal Green's council and Shadow Cabinet Member for energy. He is a convenor for Protect Our Winters (Calgary), a group of outdoor winter enthusiasts advocating for climate action.

From a young age, Thana has been passionate about politics and the environment. Having been raised in an ethnic community, he understands that it is important to include all cultural and socio-economical groups when developing policy.  

In his spare time, Thana plays hockey, is an avid snowboarder, writes music, dabbles in photography, learns about anything space related, and is often in the mountains enjoying Mother Nature.