Tess is 27 years old which, according to certain belief systems, means she is experiencing the “turn of Saturn”. This is known to be a time of great change, where one may experience both significant challenges and also rewards.

Tess recently took a leap of faith in ending her seven year career in Oil and Gas, and comfortable lifestyle that came along with it, for exciting and uncertain new prospects. She has since spent time learning about Urban Farming, engaging heavily in the local music scene, collaborating with her neighbours in Cliff Bungalow, and most recently exploring social justice and activism through Next Up.

In addition to dedicating much of heart to various community initiatives, Tess is a self-described passionate socializer and holds her personal relationships (including her dog, Dash) to very high regard. Her preferred form of transportation is in a bicycle gangs, she enjoys writing poetry, and looks forward to volunteering at Folk Fest which she refers to as hippie Christmas in July.

The way Tess chooses to live her life stems from her belief that, “We live now, but we exist for the future; if we didn’t, why would we care about anything?” She looks forward to what exists on her horizon, and in the mean time she embraces the learning and growth that this time of change offers.