Teigan Kopec

Teigan is a born and bred Calgarian - but she doesn't view this as limiting! Adventuring and communicating is Teigan's method of discovery, of self and others, and sharing. Currently, you'll find her working as an Executive Assistant in the Office of the Councillors in Calgary City Hall. Her past work experience include natural gas, non-profit, institutional sectors - and their intersections. She's looking for win-win situations in matters of social justice, the environment, and within our larger cultural paradigm. She's been fortunate enough to travel, and even gave it a go living in France. In these experiential circumstances, she gained invaluable learnings that affect how she lives and shares here back in Alberta. 

Teigan brings humour, lightheartedness, and a genuine capacity and interest in working with others. She believes that quality exists in details, in preparedness, and in the ability to encourage people's strengths to foster a collaborative environment. She believes that emotional and rational validation are the true power couple. She believes in the synchronicity of people and experiences - and cannot wait to see what the Climate Leadership Program has in store!