Tasha Nijjar

Tasha enjoys exploring how creativity and social change overlap and has worked with youth using art, film, theatre and social media to support conflict resolution, empowerment and leadership.  Tasha has also worked with Canadian Red Cross both locally and internationally, and most recently held the position of Co-Executive Director of YouthCO, a youth-run HIV organization. Currently, Tasha is volunteering with Sanctuary Health, a grassroots collective that supports health care for all refugees and migrants. Throughout her time working and volunteering with non-profit organizations, Tasha has done things like: facilitating workshops on HIV, child rights, and anti-oppression; provided support to survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence; and assisted refugee claimants arriving in Canada.  

Tasha is an aspiring seamstress.  She speaks English, French and Punjabi to varying degrees.  She loves earrings, travel (so far she has been to India, the UK, Japan, Kenya, Cuba, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Ecuador), dancing, fixing stuff, and wearing flip-flops.

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