Suzy Zimmer

Suzy Zimmer is a passionate woman with a social activist background. Her activist work began in 2000 when she got involved with Solidarity Works, a youth activism/ labour movement program with the SFL and CLC. Through this program she spent two weeks working with the Council of Canadians. The next two summers she helped with the coordination and facilitation of Solidarity Works. Suzy also facilitated an SFL youth conference, and attempted to start a union at Earls.

Suzy graduated from the U of S’ College of Physiotherapy in 2005, and has since worked as a physiotherapist in Saskatoon. While in school Suzy remained active by organizing other physiotherapy students to support striking healthcare workers, as well as through raising issues of racism and poverty in her classes and interactions with classmates. Her current focus in working towards environmental and social justice is trying to live her life in an eco-sensitive way and encouraging others to do the same.

Suzy is excited for NextUp and the opportunity to be reintegrated into Saskatoon’s activist community with likeminded people. She is excited to promote social justice in our community and contribute to the fight towards greater equality.