Suzana values individuality, culture and the identity of being a global citizen. She believes there is an intrinsic value in people. Her core values include humility, diplomacy, respect and openness to imperfection. Regardless of the cards dealt, she has or makes efforts to have a positive attitude and outlook. Other values include the “Seven Grandfather Teachings”.

Tsootaa is Suzana’s informal Blackfoot name gifted by her partner. It means water in the air or rain drop woman and in short refers to Suzana’s gentle yet assertive nature of change, nurturing and peace.

Suzana currently works within business administration while volunteering time to social causes online and in the community. Suzana’s professional background also includes Social Work; earning her Social Work Diploma in 2005 and her Bachelor of Social Work in 2011. Her social work experience includes formal employment and volunteering in areas of youth work, mental health, addictions, First Nations, leadership training, and community development.

Suzana (as a founder) currently administers “Kindness Matters Calgary” and “Two-Spirit Canada” primarily on Facebook.

Inspired by tragedy, Kindness Matters started on the streets and every December hits the streets distributing mental health information and resources along with gift cards to total strangers. You never know who could use kindness and support! Kindness Matters also operates online year round.

Two-Spirit is an identity and term robbed from many during colonization. Two-Spirit Canada operates online to honor and support this identity. Suzana hopes to work with other Two-Spirit groups to host an annual Two-Spirit gathering in Canada.

Other goals including learning more and advocating in areas of environmental sustainability and essentially doing her best to contribute as a community member after taking some time away from social work.