Donate today! Campaign ends June 1st!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all of you wonderful folks who donated to this campaign!  We have reached our fundraising goal for this program as of June 1st and we will soon be accepting applications to the 2015 Next Up: First Nations & Metis Youth in Action!  


Dear Friends,

Last summer, Next Up Saskatchewan held the first ever Next Up intensive. The five-day program, specifically for young First Nations & Métis leaders, was an amazing experience. Some of the eleven grads that completed the program said they were finishing the program feeling more confident than they ever had before.

This year, we want to hold the intensive again, but despite the generous grants we have received, we have fallen short of our fundraising targets. We aren't giving up on this program and we are asking for your help. Please give whatever you can to support Next Up: First Nations & Métis Youth in Action at this link: If you can't give, please help spread the word widely in your networks. Together, we can make this possible again. 

The Better Good has agreed to match the first $2000 in donations we receive to this crowdfunding campaign, so giving early means your money will go even further!

If you need any more encouragement to dig deep and support our fundraising efforts, here's a message from Max FineDay, a coordinator of last year's program:

"The need for Indigenous-led social and environmental justice movements has never been greater. Our alumni have organized rallies, been involved in electoral politics, and helped to bridge understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. This is what Saskatchewan needs right now. I believe we're a community who supports young Indigenous activists" 

In solidarity,

Next Up Saskatchewan