Sudesh Gurung

Sudesh was born and raised in Bhutanese Refugee Camp in Nepal. He lived at the refugee camp for 16 years of his life. He represents Nepali speaking Southern Bhutanese culture. He immigrated to Canada in 2011, and currently he is enrolled in his second year of social service work at Algonquin college.

He is passionate about working with newcomer/immigrants and refugee youths. He has been working at the Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa with the Ethno-cultural Youth Advisory Committee. He advocates on behalf of newcomer youth’s experiences and has a strong passion for developing community organizations. He engages newcomer youths and educates on the importance of preserving cultural identity in order to integrate in a diverse community. He uses his personal life experiences to motivate other youths and educate people with his perspective. His career goal is to dedicate his work to serving refugee populations in different countries and helping newcomers to integrate.