Diasporadic (adj.) the occasional instance where you realize or contemplate your diasporic identity; feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and inspired by the diaspora

Fatima Barron (NU Ottawa 2016-17) writes the blog Diasporadic with the goal of giving people in diasporas a platform to share their experiences.

Naheem Ahmed (NU Ottawa 2016-17) is a comic creator who recently contributed their own story to Diasporadic, through the beautifully drawn entry, "A Talk with God." We cannot do it justice here, so please go straight to the blog to see Ahmed's artwork and read this powerful story for yourself. You can also find a pdf of the blog entry here

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Critical Muslim Voices Vancouver - March 10

Critical Muslim Voices is calling on Muslims from the Lower Mainland to mutually support each other and share strategies on how to confront bigotry. To this purpose, they are hosting an event, Challenging Islamaphobia: A Muslim Town Hall, on Friday March 10th.

Hasan Alam, a Vancouver lawyer and NUBC Alum 2012-13, is a co-founder of Critical Muslim Voices and the group emphasizes that Friday's meeting is open to anyone who identifies as a Muslim. For more details about Friday's town hall see this article in the Metro or read the pdf here. Hasan Alam is also a community liaison for the B.C. Islamaphobia Legal Assistance Hotline, which gives free and confidential legal advice to Muslims and those who are perceived to be Muslims who have been or could be the subject of discrimination and attacks. 

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Human Library event coming to Regina - March 25th

humanlibrary_Regina_poster_4.jpgAttendees will hear stories about everything from precarious work to labour law to workplace discrimination on Saturday, March 25
th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, at Next Up Saskatchewan’s Stories About Work and the Labour Movement: A Human Library.

The event will take place at Knox Metropolitan United Church in Regina. This is the first Human Library Next Up has held in Regina, but the fourth held in Saskatchewan since 2015, each with a different theme.

In December, 2016, Next Up’s Saskatoon cohort hosted a human library on Building Inclusive Communities.  

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Arisha Nazir and Community Organize Solidarity Vigil

Over a thousand people attended a vigil at Saskatoon City Hall on January 31, 2017 following the shooting at a Mosque in Quebec
City and the travel ban issued by U.S. President Donald Trump. Vigil_Photo_Saskatoon3.jpg

Next Up alumnus Arisha Nazir (NU Sask 2013-14) was among the vigil’s organizers. Nazir told the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, “The outpouring of support and how quickly this action has spread is very inspiring and gives us a sense of hope at this difficult time.”

Read more and watch a short video of the vigil on the Saskatoon StarPhoenix website or find the pdf of both articles here and here


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NU Winnipeg Taking Initiative




NU Winnipeg has a passionate and enthusiastic cohort this year who are not only committed to Next Up, but are constantly engaging in new and current initiatives in the community.


Vic Savino has started a petition addressing Bill C-10, a bill passed under the Harper government that hinders prisoners’ reintegration into society. You can find the petition E-1007 here and it is open for signatures until August 8, 2017 at 4pm EDT.

At the same time, we held a Next Up session on Canadian attitudes towards justice and rehabilitation, engaging each other in a conversation about the heavily stigmatized topic of rehabilitation of offenders. Other Next Uppers are involved in a wide array of activities in and around Winnipeg, covering food sustainability, electoral reform, political advocacy for international aid and assistance, and trauma-informed care, to name a few.


Melissa Ray had this to say about her NU experience so far, “Next Up has introduced me to ideas, concepts, organizations, and areas of the city that I had never heard of. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned so far and I am excited for what comes next.”

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Iglika Ivanova speaks to a sold-out crowd on International Women's Day

This year's International Women's Day Dinner, held annually by the Vancouver District Labour Council, will feature Next Up alum Iglika Ivanova (NUBC 2007-08) as the guest speaker. The theme for the dinner is "Women & Precarity: The gender imbalance of low-waged, part-time, temporary, and insecure work."


Iglika is a feminist economist who researches and writes on key social and economic challenges facing British Columbia. As a senior economist and public interest researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Iglika has authored a number of reports examining BC's rising income inequality, persistent poverty, trends in low wage work, and the importance of quality public programs and services for all. 

The dinner is taking place on March 8th and is sold out, but you can contact the VDLC for updated information the day of the event.


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Scott Baker, NU alum, on why Millenial voters should matter

Scott Baker (NUBC 2012-13) and Mark Dance recently published an article in Maclean's Magazine entitled "Why the electoral reform sham will breed cynicism," commenting that many Millenial voters were drawn to the ballot box last year by the Liberals' promise of electoral form and now those same voters find themselves "kicked to the curb."  Read the full article on the Maclean's website or find a pdf of it here.

Scott is a co-founder of a Toronto-Based communications firm working with non-profit and public agencies. 


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Women labour activists share their wisdom


panelphoto2womeninlabour.jpgOn March 1st, Next Up BC brought together women labour leaders to share their stories about how they've carved out space for women in the labour movement. The gathering reflected on how to increase equity for all in labour unions today. 

Read more
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NU Ottawa growing and getting stronger!



Next Up Ottawa wants to welcome our newest cohort of fifteen young leaders for the 2016-17 cycle. Our participants hail from a wide range of fields: labour, anti-racism, migrant justice, student campaigning, environmental justice, indigenous sovereignty, human rights law, and more. In coming together to strengthen skills and build networks, our new participants promise to engage the dynamic activist culture of our city. With over sixty local graduates, the Next Up Ottawa community is steadily growing and getting stronger!


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NU Edmonton 8 - off to a great start!

This is Next Up's 8th year in Edmonton! Our cohort of 13 people work in a wide variety of areas including supporting marginalized folks in Edmonton's inner city, organizing a union drive in their workplace, and working with youth to explore ideas of reconciliation. 


An exciting event recently organized and attended by current NUppers and alumni was the Bread and Roses Feminist Campaign School. This event brought together progressive women and non-binary folks who are involved, or thinking about getting involved, in electoral politics. Folks learned new skills and made important connections. 


This year we said goodbye Lindsay Ruth Hunt as Program Coordinator and thanked her for her five amazing years as coordinator! Happily, she is now on the Advisory Committee and joined us for this year's orientation. We welcome Laura Collison as our new coordinator. Laura is a public educator who was part of Next Up 2 and has served on the Advisory Committee. She is thrilled to take on this role and is looking forward to an exciting year with cohort 8! 

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