Stephanie Gatto

Stephanie is a born and raised British Columbian who continues to be humbled by the natural world and our lives within it. Before finding the language to describe it, she became curious about people and the ways
in which we interact and, ultimately, shape one another. Early on, she was heavily influenced by sports; this led to an athletic scholarship to the States, which she soon escaped for something different. Following a conversation with a stranger, Stephanie was inspired to learn more about health and the factors that determine it: This led to a BHK from UBC and a Master in Public Health from SFU. She has a range of research experience including, work in an applied physiology lab at UBC, research in rural Malawi, and research with the CCPA’s climate justice project. Currently, she’s working with the Children’s Health Policy Centre at SFU. Stephanie is passionate about contributing to research that aims to deconstruct social inequities with the goal of reducing health disparities. In the spirit of full disclosure, she believes that a more equitable society will enable us to connect more meaningfully with others and the world around us. Outside of work, Stephanie can be found exploring the beautiful BC mountains, dabbling in music, and sparking up conversations about the mystery of life.

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