Son Edworthy is a community activist practicing in a variety of mediums such as office administration, public art, gardening, radical queer organizing, self-publishing and bicycle maintenance.  Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Son has roots where the prairies meet the mountains.  They have a passion for creating and sustaining vital spaces where people can come together for synergistic social-change work.  As a co-founder of Anchor Archive Zine Library, Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective and Roberts Street Social Centre, they enjoy initiating collaborative projects, planting seeds and helping them grow.  Son completed a Bachelor of Community Design through the School of Urban Planning at Dalhousie University with an honours thesis exploring the social and environmental benefits of Community Gardening in Halifax.   Son has worked as a trail guide in the Yukon, horse wrangler in BC,  and in Halifax as a prep cook, film technician, trail mapper, support worker with persons with disabilities, art workshop facilitator with marginalized youth and women in prison, and co-founded a worker’s cooperative landscaping company.  Insatiable curiosity and eclectic work experience has diversified Son's skill-set and strengthened their sense of purpose: to resist planetary collapse by supporting cultural and biological diversity.