Sofia Aman

Sofia is a self-described social butterfly and global citizen. Born in Greece, she and her family immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1993. Since then she (not so much her parents) has acclimated almost entirely to the brisk SK winters and has created for herself a strong sense of community. 

Sofia was raised by Eritrean parents who fled civil war in Ethiopia and thus, feels a bit like she grew up with one foot in two different worlds. She feels her diverse upbringing has provided her with a perspective that is uniquely valuable when addressing systemic oppression and challenges faced by immigrants and refugees. 

Sofia is currently completing a degree in International Affairs at the University of Regina and has volunteered and worked in various organizations on and off campus such as Amnesty International and WUSC (student refugee program) which have given her insight into a broad range of social justice issues. She has a particular interest in the challenges of immigrants and refugees as well as international students. She is currently serving in her second year as a board member at the Regina Public Interest Research Group at the University of Regina. 

In her free time Sofia enjoys dancing, the Arts (theater, visual etc.), and has an eclectic taste in music and food! She likes to make light of any situation and gain knowledge and lessons in every experience. Her favourite thing in the world to do is travel and interact with new cultures, languages and and, of course, food!