Sherese Johnson

Sherese Johnson is a MA Candidate in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University. She works for a small Vancouver-based company, Passion for Action, specializing in developing environmental education programs and tools for engagement. She is interested in the concept of sustainability and sustainable development and wants to contribute to bridging the environmental, social and cultural aspects of sustainability principles. She daydreams about various co-operative businesses and once she is graduated she (Finally!) she will champion the cooperative economy. When things get too intense her daughter often reminds her of the importance of humour and the power it has to spark hope and improve outlook. She loves the outdoors and as circumstances evolve she plans to be taking more of her work outside. She serves on the board of, a cultural organization bridging Latin communities and Latin enthusiasts in the Lower Mainland. Sherese is helping the organization to integrate sustainable practices within its long-term strategic plan. They are helping her to understand what dedication and passion is and that change happens at a personal level to propel larger shifts.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
– William Shakespeare