Sarena Talbot

Sarena is passionate about social justice and creating inclusive communities, both locally and globally. She is currently pursuing this vision in her role as internal chair of the Coalition of Progressive Electors, a progressive municipal political party in Vancouver. She holds degrees in International Studies, Sociology, and Sustainable Community Development from Simon Fraser University. Sarena works with CoDevelopment Canada, a non-profit organisation that works for social change and global education in the Americas, and as a Community Connector with the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. A process nerd, she can be found facilitating youth capacity building workshops as well as board visioning and strategic planning processes. She is the Youth Coordinator on the Canadian Board of Servas, an international peace organisation that facilitates relationships between travelers and local folk. While wearing this hat, she also coordinates a program for international Servas youth to come to Canada to learn English and experience Canadian culture. When not in meetings or answering emails, Sarena enjoys spending time with her community of friends, sing-a-longs, sailing, salsa dancing, attempting to garden, playing non-competitive pick-up soccer, and biking around this city she has grown to love.