Sanjana Vijayann

Sanjana Vijayann is an immigrant from India who lives and studies in Winnipeg. She started volunteering very early on and has since been part of the social movement toward an equitable world. Sanjana believes that one's civic duties go beyond casting a vote and involves speaking to decision makers about change they want to see in their community and country. Through her advocacy, she strives for principle in politics, achieving health equity, and a world free of extreme poverty.  She trusts that progress of science and policy are driven by advocacy. 

Sanjana's voice has been heard at the local level, national level and at the International level where she has advocated at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other global organizations to prioritize eradicating extreme poverty. She has lived in Tanzania and worked to help start and scale a social business that focused on getting essentials like rehydration salts, water purification salts, solar lights, menstrual management products etc to the hardest to reach and therefore the most vulnerable populations.