Sally McBride

Sally is a self-professed public health nerd, and recently received a Masters of Public Health from SFU. Her research has broadly focused on the health impacts of climate change and she is passionate about moving toward a world where everyone is able to enact their right to good health. A transplant to the west coast from Ontario, Sally graduated with a BA in Anthropology from UVic in 2004. She spent 3 years working in end-of-life care on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. From there, she continued on to work in the Cook Islands for a grassroots organization advocating for access to care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and last year she interned in the Caribbean with the Pan American Health Organization researching the health system impacts of climate-related disasters. These experiences have taken her into an ongoing contemplation of the way in which illness and poverty are direct products of social policy, which continue to drive her community-based work. She is currently the Knowledge Translation Manager for a research team at UBC, working to develop innovative ways of sharing mental health research, and empowering people with mental health diagnoses to work in academic research. Sally loves to search for second-hand treasures, cook for friends, snowboard and swim. In the future, she sees herself heading north or returning to the South Pacific to work with communities on food sovereignty and health access issues.

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