Sajid Alimohamed

Sajid Alimohamed is excited to join such an amazing network of Next-Up-ers.  Born and brought up in Canada as part of a minority community of Shia – Muslim migrants from Africa and originally from India, Sajid is no stranger to supporting the causes of oppressed groups through activism in the form of public protests, group consultations and private letter and petition organizing campaigns.  His passion lies in working with individuals and families to overcome the difficulties in their lives through listening to their struggles, coming up with action items and using his networks and experience to assist them in moving forward in a positive direction.  He loves to discuss politics, religion and purpose, especially when discussions lead to the discovery of actionable items, effort and eventually positive change.

Sajid is currently involved in two separate mentorship programs that are geared towards facilitating youth and young adults in the development of some of the soft skills required to be an effective leader and team player.  Workshop topics facilitated include ‘Leadership and Self-Deception’, ‘Effective Communication’, ‘Understanding and Integration of Culture’, ‘Developing your Network’ and others.  His interest in this area stemmed from identifying the lack of empathy and effective communication in executive boards he had served on, coupled with the lack of people skills observed in youth, typically caused by technological advances that limit the opportunity for real human moments.

When not engrossed in his primary passion of helping people, as an environmental engineer, Sajid manages soil and groundwater remediation and reclamation projects on spill sites and abandoned upstream oil and gas well-sites using natural, innovative technologies for a mid-size consulting and contracting company known as EnGlobe Corp.

Sajid is also married to Arsheen Devjee – Next Up alumni from cohort 5, and is a father to two wonderful children Aayah and Ibrahim who he and Arsheen are grooming to be future Next-Up-ers.