Recently returned to treaty 7 territory after six years living in Ottawa on unceded Algonquin territory, Ryan is ready to uncover and grow resiliency and resistance here in Calgary.  At the age of 17 they left Calgary for Ottawa, determined to find community and address environmental destruction through the political system.  However, a year working in the House of Commons demystified Ryan's optimism about the political system and after one weekend at PowerShift 2009, a youth climate change convergence, they shifted focus and instead dedicated themself to building strong and reflective social movements.  Since then Ryan has worked on campaigns targeting the relationship between oil and state, for progressive control of student unions, and to stop deportations.

Ryan likes nerding out about creating effective spaces for learning, reflection, relationship building, and action, and has had the opportunity to put this to use planning workshops and events for local activists, as well as environmental justice and LGBTQ+ convergences for people across the country.  Now that they are back in Alberta, Ryan is finishing up a Sexual Health Educator Certification, combining their love of thoughtful facilitation and critical sex-positivity.  They are also invested in practicing vulnerability, exploring the city by bike, watching Shondaland, and finding fellow social movement nerds.