Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins

Rose-Eva has been able to share her passion for gender equality as a producer for the radio show Adamant Eve. She has been volunteering with CJSR since 2013 - she has enjoyed getting to know all the amazing folks in Edmonton’s feminist community and deepen her understanding of intersectional feminist issues.

She started working in the school system when she moved to London, UK and loved having the chance to learn alongside students of all ages and backgrounds. Since coming back to her hometown, Rose-Eva has had the opportunity to work primarily with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is dedicated to creating a world that is accommodating of all abilities. Recently, Rose-Eva was able to combine her two passions of working with youth and radio in her position as podcast producer at the Centre for Race and Culture.


Rose-Eva identifies as an intersectional feminist and prison abolitionist, who is dedicated to the fight against the capitalist, white supremacist, hetero-patriarchy. Rose-Eva also enjoys cycling through Edmonton’s beautiful river valley as well as cooking (and eating) green onion cakes.

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