Rodrigo Samayoa

Rodrigo first came to Canada from Guatemala to study political science at the University of British Columbia. After finding his life partner in Vancouver, enjoying the boundless wilderness of BC, and being active in the local social movements, he has come to the realization that Canada is now his new home.

He has a diverse background in social activism with his involvement with organizations such as Oxfam Canada, the Sierra Club or Powershift BC. He currently works at Leadnow, where he is able to harness the power of the internet to connect progressive Canadians across the country who are committed to fighting for an open democracy, a fair economy and climate justice.

Rodrigo’s passion for the outdoors is one of his greatest motivations to fighting for social justice and environmental sustainability. When he is not typing emails for Leadnow or spending time with his wife and two cats, Rodrigo will likely be doing rock climbing, hiking, skiing or planning his next outdoor adventure.