Robyn Luff is an, educator, ecologist, music lover, yoga enthusiast and life long learner. She grew up on Vancouver Island, constantly awed by the beauty of nature around her, though also constantly upset at all the rain. She completed her undergrad in Biology at the University of Victoria, and immediately headed south to sunnier climes. She spent two years in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, where she taught a self-designed curriculum at a bilingual elementary school. Her time in Costa Rica helped her to discover the transformative nature of education, and lead her to apply to the Master of Teaching Program at the University of Calgary. During the program, Robyn became increasingly interested in the shifting paradigms of education- from a linear, industrial model to a more cooperative, constructivist one. She believes that education is one of the most inspiring and vital ways to create social change. Robyn’s life is also strongly intertwined with water- she has worked with the Alberta Wilderness Association, Trout Unlimited Canada, and other community organizations to raise awareness of water issues through education. Robyn is presently a NDP member of the Alberta Provincial Legislature. She very pleased to call Calgary home, and is excited and optimistic about the prospects for social change in our city.