Next Up in the Alberta Legislature

Robyn Luff (Calgary Next Up 1)

Robyn Luff

As a new NDP MLA in Alberta, I often get asked "so how did you get into this in the first place?"  It's a legitimate question, since prior to May of this year one had to be a little crazy to run for the NDP in Alberta.  You had to be willing to do a lot of work with very little money, and you had to be willing to be yelled off quite a few doorsteps. 

I applied to the first Next Up cohort in Calgary with an eye on Politics.  As a teacher in Calgary with a passion for the environment, I was constantly shocked at the PC government's choices to underfund social services while making no progress on things like royalties and climate change.  So when Rachel Notley, then one of 4 NDP opposition MLA's came to speak to our cohort about the Alberta government, I was ready to step up.  I actually can't quite remember what she spoke about, but I do remember that she was passionate, funny, fiercely intelligent, and very convincing.  When she asked at the end of the session if anyone would consider running in the 2012 election, I put my hand up. 

That's all there really was to it- the rest, as they say, is history.  

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