Rachel Tetrault

Rachel was born and raised in Vancouver to a family rooted in social justice.  Her activism started at the tender age of 12 when she successfully lobbied against Gatorade corporate sponsorship of her elementary school’s sports day.
She continued her dedication to activism after moving to Montreal where she got involved with Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) and the student movement, while studying History and Photography at Concordia University.
Rachel brought the inspiration of Quebec student movement back with her to Vancouver, where she now lives.  Modeled off the student movement’s red square, she has played a lead role in spreading the blue water drop as a symbol of unity and opposition to the building and expansion of pipelines, the increase of tankers off our coast, and the development of the tar sands.
In addition to fighting for climate justice, Rachel works at Thunderbird Elementary school as a Support Worker for kids living with disabilities.  She speaks English, French and Spanish.  She loves to play ice hockey, make music, and dance, and is passionate about making, eating and analysing food.

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