Rachel Malena-Chan

The petty things in life don’t seem to bother Rachel. To her, it comes down to what matters most: relationships. Friends, family, coworkers, and volunteer colleagues have brought inspiration and meaning to her life. Rachel was born and raised in Saskatoon to a family of 6. While completing a political science degree at the University of Saskatchewan, she developed a special interest in current events and social justice and latter, knowledge translation, universal child care, women’s issues, gay rights and poverty. Someday she hopes to continue her education through a master’s program.

Rachel recently gained employment with Upstream, an organisation focused on prevention of social problems. Her work involves public communication, organising meetings and events, and networking. She describes her work as optimistic, and thrives on the job’s high expectations and demands, as well as her great coworkers and the commitment of volunteers.

In her spare time, Rachel can be found playing soccer, guitar, or singing backup for a folk/rock band or worship group. She has also done vocals for local jazz and hip hop groups. Rachel owns and runs a small photography business with her partner shooting mostly portraiture, and occasionally volunteer work for non profit organisations.

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