Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Philip is impressed with the beauty and vibrancy of his city. Since helping to organize demonstrations against the G8 summit in nearby Kananaskis in 2002, he has grown to appreciate the power of people to affect change and to determine their own futures. Philip cut his teeth as an activist working with Food Not Bombs, a youth based anti-poverty organization. In 2006 Philip joined the now closed Haymarket Cafe, a worker-owned cooperative which operated as an Anarchist bookstore, Infoshop, cafe, and social space for music and art in the heart of the city. Philip has been a member of the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair committee for 8 years which continues to offer key insights into how and why people organize themselves for collective self-betterment.

As a recent graduate of Development Studies from the University of Calgary, he is currently exploring what community development can look like in a city like Calgary. A strong supporter of the Arusha Centre, a grassroots environmental and social justice organization, he continues work towards creating a sustainable and progressive community in Calgary.

Philip has never been as hopeful or felt as capable working in Calgary as he is now. Philip loves his city is staying in put!