Paula Krasiun-Winsel

A prairie girl hailing from Regina, and a graduate of Vancouver Film School, Paula has dedicated herself to advocacy for social and economic justice since first getting involved in electoral politics at the University of Regina. Raised by a single mom, Paula attributes her activist roots to her grade school teacher, who opened her eyes to the effects of settler colonialism, racism, and the legacy of residential schools in Canada at a young age. 

Paula has continued to push for change while holding positions of influence – including promoting the cause of Palestinian rights and speaking out in favour of party renewal on national television as co-chair of the New Democratic Youth of Canada. She is passionate about ensuring more representation for women in politics, mental health awareness, and advocating for the rights of sexual assault survivors. 

When she isn’t challenging the patriarchy or angry-tweeting about politics, Paula can be found cuddling with her rescue pup, Griswold, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.