Patricia Kumbakisaka

Patricia Kumbakisaka was born in Romania, Bucharest Eastern Europe. When she was 3 years old Patricia and her family moved to Greece Athens and lived there for 7 years. In February 2000 she and her family immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Her family originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Patricia speaks and write in five languages fluently: French, English, Greek, Swahili and Romanian. She has a BA in Political Science.

Currently, Patricia works as a delegate with the United Nations Association of Canada and as a Case coordinator at Investor’s group. She is also the 2015 Ambassador General for Folklorama this year and will be representing one of Canada’s largest multicultural festival. 

Foreign Policies, International politics, human rights and community service are the cornerstone’s of Patricia’s activists and leadership philosophies. At NextUp program, she aims to develop and continue to build up her understanding of stronger leadership.

She hopes to become an ambassador or diplomat with the United Nations or Canadian Foreign Services.

She balances her professional and activist work out with books (reading about international foreign policies), politics, and time with her friends and family.