NU Edmonton off and running!

With 13 participants this year we are already 1/3 of the way through the year, and what a great program it has been so far. The group includes a fabulous, wide variety of very knowledgeable and experienced participants whose focuses include food security, art/activism, GLBTQ activism, and community and urban development…just to name a few of the topics of expertise the group holds. Our Advisory Committee and Alumni have continued to be very involved with the program, as supports, guests, party organizers and coaches. The network of alumni, allies and supporters in Edmonton is growing and it is showing. And similarly with Alberta as a whole, the network in the province is growing. Calgary and Edmonton had a “meet up” during this year’s Parkland Conference in November, giving the present cohorts a chance to volunteer, learn, brainstorm, and socialize together. Truly inspiring and exciting to see happen in Alberta. Lindsay Ruth Hunt – Next Up Edmonton Program Coordinator

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Congrats to Claudia Li! Influential Canadian Millennials

Congrats to Next Up BC3 alum Claudia Li for making in on this year’s Huffington Post Influential Canadian Millennials: Generation Y’s Leaders, Game-Changers And Inspirational Figures!



Next Up Ottawa call for applications!

We are pleased to announce that applications for our first Next Up program in Ottawa are open.

Download the Application Package [PDF]