NU Saskatoon: National Day of Action

By: Laura Hopkins, NU Saskatchewan, Year 2

On February 1st, students from hundreds of colleges and universities from across Canada, united to send a clear message to the federal government: make education a priority.

Along with a number of other Saskatoon NextUp participants I was fortunate to be able to participate in the National Day of Action at the University of Saskatchewan. Although the undergraduate student union at the university does not belong to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) – the national advocacy group coordinating the campaign, we were mobilized to participate by Alanna Makinson, a Saskatoon NextUp participant and former CFS prairies coordinator.

Justin and Jae

Justin and Jae, NU Sask

Not a great deal of urging was required – the majority of Saskatoon NextUp participants are current or former students, cognizant of the burden of high tuition fees and heavy student debt. It was no surprise, given the group’s overall enthusiasm and passion, that many of us volunteered to help put together the campaign at the University of Saskatchewan. Read the rest of this entry »

Climate Justice Saskatoon: Revitalizing the Movement

By: Karen Rooney (Next Up Saskatchewan – Year 1) and Andrea Cessna (Next Up Saskatchewan – Year 2)

Climate Justice Saskatoon was first born four years ago, in the lead-up to the United Nations 15th Conference of Parties in Copenhagen. Citizens of Saskatoon, mostly youth, rallied around the climate negotiations as a chance to make their voices heard and support the member of their community who was attending the conference.

Following COP 15, Climate Justice Saskatoon wilted – members have moved away, moved on to other projects or merely stopped being involved in the group. It is the story of too many now defunct community groups – a lack of action tends to slow a movement down and eventually its importance fades in the minds of those who were once active members.

Photos: flickr/UNclimatechange

Recently returned from the UN’s COP 17 in Durban, South Africa, Karen Rooney was seeking to create a community similar to the one she had worked with while in Durban with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. A few chance conversations with friends led her to start the work of re-invigorating Climate Justice Saskatoon. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Next? Calgary

By: Katie Rasmussen, Next Up Calgary, Year 1

In October, a group of Calgary Next Up Alumni started What’s Next? a monthly skill and knowledge share series.  The idea grew from our intention to engage those people who did not make it into the Next Up Program and expanded to include a much larger community.  Held in the Old Y building, a historical community building located in central Calgary where Next Up sessions are held, What’s Next? has been bringing people together on the third Monday of each month since October and continues to build momentum.

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