Our Schools/Our Selves meets Next Up

We’re excited to announce the launch of Project: Change, the summer edition of Our Schools/Our Selves, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s quarterly journal on education.

This summer 2016 issue is devoted to Next Up – 26 essays, stories, and creative pieces submitted by our alumni, staff, and advisors. Our goal was to commemorate Next Up’s work for its 10th anniversary, and wow, we’re so pleased with what you’ve created.


It's a testament to the incredible people that make up the Next Up community. People who, as Kevin describes in his introduction to Project: Change, "are working boldly, strategically, and with intention, at times working together to lean into larger moments of opportunity and to create moments of opportunity."

You can read some of the full edition online and order a print copy of the book here (and subscribe to Our Schools/Our Selves!). You can also purchase a copy in person at one of the planned 10th anniversary celebrations this fall (stay tuned for details) – proceeds from in-person sales go directly to Next Up.

We hope you'll check it out and spread the word! 

Thanks so much to all of you that shared your stories! And to the CCPA for generously offering this summer edition for us to showcase Next Up.

–The Next Up Team