NU Winnipeg Taking Initiative




NU Winnipeg has a passionate and enthusiastic cohort this year who are not only committed to Next Up, but are constantly engaging in new and current initiatives in the community.


Vic Savino has started a petition addressing Bill C-10, a bill passed under the Harper government that hinders prisoners’ reintegration into society. You can find the petition E-1007 here and it is open for signatures until August 8, 2017 at 4pm EDT.

At the same time, we held a Next Up session on Canadian attitudes towards justice and rehabilitation, engaging each other in a conversation about the heavily stigmatized topic of rehabilitation of offenders. Other Next Uppers are involved in a wide array of activities in and around Winnipeg, covering food sustainability, electoral reform, political advocacy for international aid and assistance, and trauma-informed care, to name a few.


Melissa Ray had this to say about her NU experience so far, “Next Up has introduced me to ideas, concepts, organizations, and areas of the city that I had never heard of. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned so far and I am excited for what comes next.”