Noelle Jaipaul

Noelle is an alumna of Next Up Edmonton 4. She recently completed a Master’s in Public and International Affairs, focusing on immigration/refugee issues and health policy. Prior to that, Noelle completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Middle Eastern and African Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, both at the University of Alberta. Noelle is currently the Government Relations and Outreach Coordinator at the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation. She also teaches an interprofessional health course on working with vulnerable populations at the U of A, and is an Associate Consultant with the Centre for Race and Culture. 

Noelle’s experience spans working on policy issues locally with a variety of non-governmental organizations, provincially with Alberta Health Services, and federally with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and at the Embassy of Canada in Vietnam. In addition to Vietnam, she has international development experience in rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania, primarily in community health. Noelle’s main area of community work right now is with refugee policy, and is currently working to address the exploitation of refugees through Canada’s refugee transportation loan program.


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