Nicole Batienko

Nichole is a proud Edmontonian, and believes that now is a very special time for our city, as it grows and evolves Nichole sees an opportunity to shape our communities and define what is important to Edmontonians. One of Nichole's favourite days of the year is Canada Day, watching the fireworks at the High Level Bridge and especially that moment when someone starts singing O Canada and everyone joins in. As H.L. Mencken notes, a radical is one who likes their country possibly more than the rest, and is therefore more disturbed than the rest to see it debauched, they are a good citizen driven to despair.

Nichole is a RN, and is passionate about healthcare delivery and the labour movement. Nichole enjoys being active in her community. She is a board member of two constituency associations and has written 2 party policies. She is passionate about getting out the youth vote in upcoming federal and provincial elections. She is also a Council of Canadians activist, and volunteers with The Arthritis Society.

Nichole's mantra is “everyone is equal”