Alumni: Next Up Edmonton 2009-2010

Meet the Next Up Edmonton group from Year 1 (2009-2010)!

Jessica McIntyre // Calgary, AB

Jessica holds a BA in religious studies and currently works at the United Way of Calgary and Area. She is currently sussing out the niche -like activist culture in Calgary after glimpsing Edmonton’s through the Next Up Program. She aims to build a stronger, healthier, and happier Calgary by encouraging social change. Jessica plans to do more research and writing on social issues and she hopes, that one day, she’ll get paid for it.

Jessica Prodor // Edmonton, AB

Currently up to: Finishing my last year of an after degree program in Secondary Education at the University of Alberta. My major is in Social Studies and my minor is in Native Education. I feel very passionate about education with a global citizenship perspective. I hope to influence youth to be critical thinkers with regards to social and environmental justice in their daily lives. I’m also working for the City of Edmonton in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. We facilitate a mandatory workshop on respect, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace for City of Edmonton employees.

Russell Charlton // Edmonton, AB

Currently, I’m working with Public Interest Alberta (, focusing on a campaign to protect Alberta’s water for human needs, ecosystem health, future generations, and First Nation treaty rights. The campaign comes in response to government plans to move to a province-wide deregulated market for water, that, instead of protecting water for its most important uses, would allocate water according to ability to pay. Learn more at In my free time I’m exploring life, meaning, and psychology, and I’m working on coming to terms with, understanding, and responding to the various ecological crises we face.

Sara Al Souqi // Edmonton, AB

I moved to edmonton 3 years ago from a community that was zero percent active, coming here opened up a lot of oppurtunities,  I am a palestinian, Ive never been there though (Sad I know). My goal is to raise awareness through my life and what I do here, engaging with people and showing the world how unfair life can be for those who are a little less fortunate.

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