National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today we celebrate Indigenous resilience and strength, creativity and innovation, diversity and relations. We must also think critically about the injustices Indigenous peoples experience every day. Direct erasure of Indigenous identities is continued today through exploitative and unsustainable economics, systemic white supremacist policies, normalized and unchecked racism, and settler-centred reconciliation. 

We commit to disrupt and dismantle colonial systems by persistently challenging our place on these lands and standing in solidarity with the rights for Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty. As we try and understand the truth that needs to come before reconciliation, here are some possible resources below.

Post any other resources you might want to share in the comments!

- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Final Report:

- Land Acknowledgement App:

- Red Women Rising:

- 5 Actions you Can Take:

- Indigenous Ally Toolkit: