For Nathan, life is enriched by edges, change and diversity. Edges locate and define. Change creates the constant gift of choice. Diversity provides the distinction to notice beauty. Edges, change and diversity are the glue that holds together a just and resilient society – providing structure, malleability and tolerance. Nathan seeks to deepen justice and resilience.

Nathan was raised in Alberta. He’s worked many jobs over the years: environmental educator, mountain guide, youth worker, construction worker and lawn mower. He has held (paid) jobs milking red squirrels in the Yukon, chasing wolves in the Rockies and enumerating a threatened bird species in the south of France. More recently, Nathan assisted the State of Maryland and the City of Durban, South Africa integrate climate adaptation into their long-term planning, held an internship with UNESCO in Paris looking at the transfer of social science knowledge to Southern academics and policymakers, and assessed the business case of a biofuel stove distribution network in Maharastra, India.

He has a BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta and a Master Degree in City Planning from MIT. Nathan is currently a Senior Policy Analyst at the Pembina Institute where he works largely on oilsands policy. In his spare time, Nathan like to run, backcountry ski, rock climb and is actively involved in his church where he chairs their social justice committee.